A Raleigh expedition is a challenging programme that empowers diverse groups of young people to contribute to sustainable development projects.

We work in partnership with communities, NGO’s and governments to run our expeditions in Malaysian Borneo. Our expeditions are open to people from all over the world, including Malaysia. We work in communities and environments where our support is needed. This helps us ensure that our volunteer programmes will inspire long-term positive change.

We challenge our volunteers to be the best they can be. Volunteers become part of a global community who care about building a sustainable future.

Who can apply?

Teams are diverse and we welcome volunteers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.
If you’re aged between 17-24 and can give up 5, 7 or 10 weeks of your life we’d love to hear from you.

If you are 25 and over, we also have Senior Volunteer and Volunteer Manager opportunities.

Where will I be working?

During your experience you will be able to participate in two to three different projects: Community, Environmental and Adventure Leadership. Our projects are located in various places all over Sabah.

For our Community projects you will be working alongside our project partners, such as the PACOS Trust or Asian Forestry Company Sabah, to improve access to early years education facilities or access to safe water and sanitation in remote rural communities.

For our Environmental projects you will work closely with Yayasan Sabah in the major conservation areas such as Imbak Canyon, Danum valley and Maliau Basin. This is good opportunity to work together with the local rangers who give guidance and help to make sure our work is true value to the, and any scientist we may work with.

For Adventure Leadership you will learn valuable leadership and team working skills as you work together to complete the phase trekking in the Borneo jungle in the Crocker Range. Each team member carrying their own and group equipment.

When can I go?

We run expeditions in Borneo throughout the year in the following cycles:

  • Cycle 1 – February to April (10 and 7 week options available)

  • Cycle 2 – June to September (10, 7 and 5 week options available)

  • Cycle 3 – October to December (10 and 7 week options available)

For exact dates please contact us using the enquiry form below.

How much does this experience cost?

As we’re a charity we talk about fundraising rather than costs. This means you can raise the money for your expedition through donations from family, friends and supporters. Fundraising can come from lots of different activities, from running a cake sale to doing a sponsored run. Your local Raleigh Alumni Society will be able to support you with fundraising, giving you ideas and information.

Your fundraising does not go to support your individual place on the expedition, it supports Raleigh’s work overall. The below outlines what is covered on expedition and your additional costs.

What is provided during expedition?

  • Travel and Medical insurance (excluding personal belongings cover)

  • Full training and support both pre- expedition and when on programme

  • Food and accommodation

  • Specialist equipment

  • In-country transport

It costs RM7,500 to support each volunteer on a 10 week expedition. But good news, we have a number of bursary awards available each expedition, reducing the fundraising target you will be asked to reach to secure your place on expedition.

Volunteer Enquiry Form

  • Next steps...

    To find out more information and how you can join an Expedition, please fill in the short enquiry form below and one of our team will contact you.

    Alternatively contact our National Volunteer Coordinator directly at borneoVC@raleighinternational.org or 013-8802134