Corporate partners

Since our foundation in 1984, Raleigh International has recognised that partnerships with companies play a crucial role in the development of a global community that works together to build a sustainable future.

Why do companies partner with Raleigh International? We offer corporates a well-regarded, high-quality partner with 30 years’ experience in the field, and one that has a successful track record of delivering grass-roots projects across a number of programmatic themes. You can read more about this in our latest Impact Report.

Across its 5 programme areas Raleigh consistently delivers strong outputs and outcomes against intended objectives and through its exceptional M&E framework can report on all projects at regular cycles during programme delivery. Because we are not a single-issue NGO, and we understand programmes cannot be treated in silos, we offer programme work in a number of areas, namely: Water & Sanitation, Community Resilience, Natural Resource Management, and Youth Leadership.

The model for our programmes is structured around lasting change. We believe our work is more effective and enables local youth (the leaders of tomorrow) to lay sustainable foundations for the future of their communities. We do this by working at a grass-roots level; by having a long-term presence in communities; by working with local youth as part of our programmes; and through peer-to-peer working.

We are looking for corporates to partner with us by funding specific sponsorship opportunities:

Project Sponsorship

All Raleigh programmes are split in to smaller projects focused on a particular set of communities and sustainable development challenges. Whilst a percentage is fundraised by some Raleigh volunteers, we rely on external funds to pay for the costs involved in successfully delivering such projects. Based on your particular sustainability interest you can support any number of Raleigh projects, and across 5 different countries (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Malaysian Borneo, and Nepal). All projects of course contribute to short- and long-term outcomes, but many also produce tangible outputs for the communities we work in which provides good data for corporate reporting. Such tangible outputs include Gravity-Fed Water Systems, Early Childhood Development Centres, School Sanitation Blocks, and Community Learning Centres.

Programme Sponsorship

To reach greater sustainability for Raleigh’s work, we are striving to bring on board more corporates partners for Programmatic Sponsorship. We recognise that as corporate strategies become even longer-term, likewise Raleigh’s programmes are planned 3 years in advance – and therefore the financial security that programme sponsorship offers, brings great benefits to our work in our current operational centres. Programmatic sponsorship can be tailored to a degree, though the funding involved will need to contribute to specific sets of outputs and outcomes in any of our Programme areas.

Host Country Volunteer Sponsorship

In all the countries Raleigh operates in, youth represents a disproportionately large percentage of the total population – but also suffers from high unemployment and low economic empowerment. Raleigh’s Host Country Volunteer Programme is addressing these problems through development training and equipping these young people with the soft skills needed for waged and self-employment. Raleigh aims to provide these young people with skills for life, not just survival, but to do this we must raise the necessary funds to support local youth to be able to take part in Raleigh’s sustainable development programmes.

Product Partnership

Raleigh is currently looking for more brands to form product partnerships with. If you are looking for an NGO to partner with for your cause-related marketing, we would really like to talk to you.


Our expeditions need people, food and equipment to run. Corporate support could be given in the form of staff on funded volunteer places on our programmes; or food or equipment donations.

Contact us

If you would like to talk to us about partnering on sustainable development programmes, please contact us on:

UK office:

James Sutton
+44 (0)207 183 1280

Sabah office:

Brandon Charleston, Country Director
+60 (0)88 712 134