Our impact

Raleigh International is a charity committed to making a sustained positive impact. We measure the impact of our work to make sure we are achieving the best results for the communities we work with and our volunteers.

We work with research professionals to evaluate the impact of all aspects of our work and continue the search for excellence, Please click here for more information of Raleigh International impact.

In Borneo, we have:

  1. provided a clean, reliable water supply to 29 rural communities across the state.

  2. worked on over 200 projects and alongside over 15 partner organisations, providing basic infrastructure for communities across Sabah and helping to protect some of the world’s most important conservation areas. In addition, over 200 host-country volunteers from both Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia have participated in a Raleigh expedition, creating opportunities for cultural exchange among volunteers, and gaining valuable leadership and teamwork skills.

  3. undertaken infrastructure development to aid the conservation of some of the world’s most complex ecosystems and endangered species, including biodiversity monitoring to ensure the maintenance and expansion of conservation zones. We have constructed an eco-lodge on the Kinabatangan River to support sustainable tourism and provide income generation opportunities for the local community. We have constructed 20 kindergartens to ensure hundreds more Sabahan children can enter mainstream education and 3 libraries to support this education.

Front cover of 10 Years in Sabah

10 Years in Sabah

Celebrating 10 years in Borneo from 2002 – 2012

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