Our impact

Over the past 31 years, we have worked together to create sustainable change across Sabah. That adds up to 6,516 volunteers taking part in 71 Expeditions. It means, together, we have created sustainable change which has impacted upon 28,573 people across Sabah. Additional are the impacts we have had across our environmental projects.

WASH Projects

Across the 83 projects undertaken in 70 communities since 2002, we have helped provide 16,039 people with safe, clean and reliable drinking water and improved sanitation facilities.

WASH statistics

NRM Projects

We have worked within nine conservation areas as well as 25 environmental other sites on 124 projects. We have planted 6,129 trees and conducted 44 biodiversity surveys.

Natural Resource Management statistics

Community Based Natural Resource Management

Through just four projects 22 green enterprises, five committees and 14 wildlife wardens have come into fruition.

Natural Resource Management statistics

Community Resilience

Alongside 49 communities in 54 projects we have built 22 kindergartens, nine community learning centres and seven community centres which has benefitted 12,534 people.

Community and Resilience statistics

Youth Leadership

We have walked 7,980 miles across 123 treks and conducted 87 dives.

10 years in Sabah

Celebrating 10 years in Borneo from 2002 – 2012

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