What’s Logistics all about?

9th September 2017

Logistics is an absolutely key role for a Raleigh Borneo expedition. If you’re thinking about joining Raleigh Borneo, or are interested in what goes on behind the scenes, hear from Louise (17E Logistics VM) about what exactly the role entails…

Dear prospective Logs member,

As a current ‘Loggie’ I’m writing to bestow a few hints and tips for the role and to clue you in so you know what to expect when you join the Raleigh Borneo family.

Firstly, be prepared to develop a new-found appreciation for ziplock bags and an obsession with duct tape and labelling. This will serve you well. You’ll be supplying the whole expedition with food rations, vital tools and other essential equipment. Be sure to note that you can never have enough loo roll or too many packs of crackers. Also, if anyone is ever audacious enough to give you any cheek, just remind them who supplies their coveted peanut butter…

The Logs team of Louise and John hard at work during Changeover.

You’ll be thrown into the role and expected to learn on the job, starting with Advance week and preparing for Volunteer Manager arrival and induction training – which you’ll also complete in full. The versatility of the role is so great. You’ll complete Volunteer Manager training, including the practice trek, but you’ll also be responsible for an absolutely key part of running the whole show. Where would everyone be without their hammocks, jerry cans, and baked beans? Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be one of the few Volunteer Managers permitted to drive the Bravos, aka the Land Rovers. You’ll have the chance to drive to project sites all across Sabah which, let’s face it, is an awesome perk of the job.

The skills you can look forward to learning from a stint in Logs are diverse. They range from knowing how many portions you can squeeze out of a tin of tuna, to speed packing of the Bravos (otherwise known as Bravo Tetris). You’ll become well versed in the difference between spades and shovels, and will know your way around the expedition’s collection of hoes. You’ll also have the chance to try your hand at off-road driving.

In addition to all this, you’ll also learn how to be a good Volunteer Manager, honing your ability to work with young people, and will gain a greater understanding of how to help them with their personal development – while developing your own skills as well.

Louise while out on trek during Phase 2 of expedition 17E.

What’s more, you won’t just be sat in the Logs store at Fieldbase – not by a long shot. You’ll have the opportunity to visit project sites on Loop visits, as well as having the opportunity to get out there and experience them for longer if you like. Logs is the perfect opportunity to get a fully-rounded picture of expedition.

Working in Logistics is a challenging and demanding role, but at the same time thoroughly rewarding. If you think Logistics sounds like you, then my only advice would be to go for it; if you’re anything like me, you won’t have any regrets.


Words by Louise

Photos by Amy and Reyneilda

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