VM Induction: A hammock, a tarp and a whole lot of Borneo rain

2nd October 2017

The rest of the Volunteer Manager team joined us last Monday ready and raring for a full week of training. We have been at Basecamp for the past couple of days learning first aid, how to use the radios and to trek as a team, among many other things. The trek including a very wet jungle experience which we all embraced with lots of humour and good spirits. Here are a couple of insights:

Life in a basha 

Life in a basher
Bashas at Basecamp

For most of the VMs, it was their first time sleeping in a basher. Karla thought that ‘they were much more comfortable than you would expect. I really enjoyed waking up to the incredible sunrise and sounds of the jungle (and a few dogs here and there).’

Using the Radios

Setting up the Radios
Setting up the radios

James, one of our Medics relished the ‘chance to learn a new skill and exploring a different area. Whilst we were doing a SIT-REP (situation report) it felt like I was in a movie, using all the professional radio-speak.

First Aid training with the Medics

Learning how to logs roll
Learning how to logs roll

Our Medic team spent a morning training us on certain medical situations that may arise throughout Expedition. Larysa, the photographer, has never had first aid training before. ‘I found it really interesting and helpful to learn how to manage of a situation and manage it appropriately’.


Trekking over the bridge
Trekking over the bridge

Ella found the experience of the trek very eye-opening. ‘On reflection, it was hard but rewarding. However sweaty we felt, it was a great experience to be outside and utilising the natural environment rather than sit at a desk!

Putting up a hammock

Setting up camp
Setting up camp

One of our VMs, Nick enjoyed putting the hammocks up. ‘I’m a perfectionist, so it took me three attempts to get it just right. It was definitely worth the effort for a good night’s sleep. I slept better than expected and found sleeping out in a hammock for the first time an amazing experience which kept me dry despite the rain.’

Health and Safety

Tina showing us how to dress appropriately on Project sites
Tina showing us how to dress appropriately on Project sites

I’ve had health and safety training before, but it was useful to know how exactly we can look after ourselves safely and use tools appropriately on project sites. I’m looking forward to sharing this knowledge with the venturers.’ Farrah, part of the Logistics team.

Cultural Drumming

Cultural Drumming
Cultural Drumming

Nick, one of our Medics, thoroughly enjoyed the evening of drumming. ‘Everyone was on a roll (pun intended) and we all joined together to have a great end to the day. I was very surprised at how much rhythm everybody has’.

Words by Florence, photos by Larysa

Up next:

3 October – Pre-project visits

10 October – Host Country Venturers arrive

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