Expeditions 17E & 17F: Advance Team Arrival

12th June 2017

And we’re off! This week, the Advance Volunteer Managers arrived at Fieldbase ready to kick start Expeditions 17E and 17F. Our Fieldbase team will be manning Raleigh HQ alongside the in-country staff, and they include our Administrator, Advance Medic, Deputy Operations Managers and the Logistics and Communications teams. Let’s meet the faces of Fieldbase.

Deputy Operations Managers: Lou & Adam

Adam and Lou are our DOMs for this Expedition, assisting the in-country team and showing all our Volunteer Managers the ropes.

Adam has a long history with Raleigh, and has volunteered in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Nepal and Borneo (more than once). He says, “I like to think of Raleigh as a bit like Hotel California; you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. It’s been great to get this awesome Advance Team in place and we can’t wait to meet the next bunch of future Raleigh ambassadors”.

Lou first came to Raleigh Borneo a decade ago and knew she’d want to come back. She discovered a love of working with young people and continued this as a nurse for cancer patients, before returning to Borneo as an Advance Medic. This year she’s managing things as DOM, and is looking forward to getting stuck in.

Logistics: Louise & John

Louise and John will be tackling expedition logistics, ensuring that all teams have the supplies and equipment they need while out on project sites.

Louise has come from a Biology background, and has always been interested in coming to Borneo. She was looking for a new challenge to test her organisational skills and after a few days she sums up Logs in one word: busy!

John has travelled the world as an Environmental Specialist, and has been coming to Malaysia for the past 30 years. Both his children have completed Raleigh expeditions, and so after he retired, John decided to come out and experience it all for himself.

Communications & Photography: Saoirse & Emily 

This is Saoirse’s second time as a Raleigh photographer, having just completed an expedition in Nepal.  She’ll be busy photographing and videoing Raleigh projects in action. Saoirse says, “I’m looking forward to a new photographic challenge – going from mountains and goats in Nepal to jungles and monkeys in Borneo.”

Emily is the Communications Officer and will be looking after the Raleigh blog, Facebook and Instagram channels. She’ll be the one asking lots of questions and gathering blogs from Venturers. She’s hoping to meet some fellow ginger-haired individuals in the jungle: orangutans.

Advance Medic: Nicola 

Nicola is our Advance Medic and has spent this week sorting all the Expedition medical supplies. She’ll soon be joined by the rest of the medic team, who will rotate around project sites and Fieldbase throughout Expedition. A nurse back home, Nicola came to Borneo to broaden her horizons while doing something worthwhile. Though there’s a lot to take in, she’s finding it very exciting so far!

Administrator: Bridget 

Bridget will be organising all of our important paperwork to ensure the expedition runs smoothly.  Taking a break from her job in HR, she says; “I’m looking forward to working in the local communities of Sabah and getting involved with everything Raleigh is doing.” Bridget is embarking on an amazing 10 months of travelling, kicking off with Raleigh Borneo before exploring Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Fieldbase Felines: Pongo and Purdy 

Purdy (left) and Pongo (right)

Pongo and Purdy are key members of the team. Whether they’re putting on a wrestling match as lunchtime entertainment or sleeping in the office paper trays, Fieldbase wouldn’t be the same without them.

Over the next 13 weeks, we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest from Expeditions 17E and 17F. Check back for more soon.

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Words by Emily. Photos by Saoirse.

Upcoming dates at Raleigh Borneo: 

16th JuneProject Managers arrive
18th June: Volunteer Manager training at Basecamp
21st June: Project Manager project allocations

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