17M: The Phase 1 lowdown for projects and allocations

4th October 2017
The 17M VMs

The Volunteers Managers for 17M Expedition have been getting to know one another and their projects over the last couple of days. They will be heading out on pre-project visits (PPVs) this week. Find out where they will be for Phase 1.

Alpha 1: WASH

Rebecca, Emma and Nick
Rebecca, Emma and Nick

Rebecca, Nick and Emma will be heading out to Kampung Burini for our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project with the aim to provide safe and clean water and sanitation to the community.

Rebecca, a professional pun writer at an Educational Publishers can’t wait to get stuck in to a project that will have an immediate change on a local community.

Nick works in finance on The Channel Islands ‘I’m looking forward to meeting the community leaders to start to make a difference and build relationships with the venturers and people living in Kampung Burini.’

Emma, is a Sustainability Consultant from Reading. She is excited to work with Raleigh’s Project Partners and the local community to improve the water access and sanitation to better people’s health.

Alpha 2: Community Resilience

Karla and Gurpreet
Karla and Gurpreet

Karla and Gurpreet will be working in Kampung Kibinut to construct a Community Learning Centre (CLC) with the help from our project partners PACOS Trust and Foundation Les Paquerettes (FLP), providing a central hub for the community and a comfortable learning environment for the children.

Karla is with Raleigh through a corporate partnership with her company, Loadhog. ‘I hope that by building the CLC, we will make a difference and give the community something necessary and potentially life-changing. I’m looking forward to seeing how the project progresses as I think the change will be really rewarding.

Gurpreet, a Textiles teacher in South London will be staying in Kampung Kibinut for all three phases. She is looking forward to seeing the project from start to finish and empowering the venturers to make a lasting change on the community.

Alpha 3: Natural Resource Management

Nick and Ella
Nick and Ella


Sabah has seen the degradation and fragmentation of ecological systems, pollution and over-exploitation of watersheds, illegal logging and poaching and hosts many threatened and critically endangered species. Nick and Ella will be ensuring the effective use of Natural Resources by biodiversity surveying through camera trapping, mist netting, insect transects, frogging, flora plots and birdwatching.

Nick, a Junior Doctor in Leeds, is eager to ‘get involved in the direct analysis and protection of the rainforest. As well as making steps towards sustainable rainforest conservation in partnership with corporate businesses.

Ella is an Operations Manager for a recruitment company. She can’t wait to be a part of the process of finding new species and potentially finding one that could be named after her! ‘I hope that I can help to conserve and protect the jungle and it’s a very special place.’

Alpha 4: Crocker Trek Range 

Laura and Helen
Laura and Helen

Laura and Helen are working together on the Adventure Leadership Phase. This is all about developing the leadership skills, resilience and confidence of venturers.

Laura, is a returning VM from last Expedition. ‘Trek is a very unique experience. It’s a powerful process where you see the venturers step up and complete an amazing personal achievement. How many people can say they have lived in a jungle for 17 days?

Helen, our Advance Medic will be joining Laura on trek, ‘I love nature and plants so I’m relishing the thought of spending lots of time in the jungle. It’ll be a challenge to lead and encourage a whole team but I’m ready to embrace all the jungle has to offer.’

Words by Florence, photos by Larysa

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10 Oct – Host country Venturers arrive

11 Oct – International Venturers arrive and Induction begins

16 Oct – Phase 1 deploys

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