Summer Expedition 2018: Meet the Advance Team

15th June 2018
Advance team group photo

The Advance team have assembled at Raleigh Borneo’s fieldbase from all four corners of the globe to assist with the final expedition taking place in Borneo. The team, all specialists in their respective fields, consists of the Deputy Operations Management team, Logistics team, Medic, Communications team and Administration.

The radios are being checked, the food is being ordered and the hammocks are being counted. Raleigh Borneo’s summer expedition planning and preparation is well underway. With just a few weeks before our volunteers arrive and a couple of days before the full Volunteer Manager team arrive, we are busy getting everything ready for expedition.

Meet the volunteer fieldbase team behind the Raleigh Borneo summer expedition operation.

Deputy Operation Managers, Laura and Seb

Laura and Seb, Deputy Operations Managers
Laura and Seb, Deputy Operations Managers

The Deputy Operation Managers are responsible for overseeing all the expedition operations. They plan for all eventualities and are ready to react and respond quickly and efficiently to support all the volunteers in the field.

Laura is continuing her Raleigh Borneo adventure by doing her fourth back-to-back expedition. She will be using her expertise throughout this expedition in Borneo and is most looking forward to, simply, “everything.”

Seb joins the Deputy Operation Manager team after completing a Raleigh Borneo expedition last year. Seb says he has returned to Raleigh Borneo because “I really want to help the Volunteer Managers get the best experience for the volunteers as we possibly can. I am a firm believer that everything we have set out to do will get done but how we get there and people’s experiences of it varies. It is making sure that everyone has the motivation to bring everyone along with them and that is what I am really keen to happen.”

Logistics Team

(Left to right) Camille, Portia, Max and Nicki, Logistics team
(Left to right) Camille, Portia, Max and Nicki, Logistics team

The Logistics team have the important job of making sure everyone on expedition has enough food to eat and hammocks to sleep in. Without these four, expedition life would be impossible.

Heading up the 10 week and 5 week expedition Logistics teams are Max and Nicki. Nicki is a true Raleigh veteran with this being her tenth expedition. She redesigned the Borneo Logistics department in 2009 and has returned for the final Raleigh Borneo expedition. “It is always great to see the development in the young people and it always restores my faith in humanity!”

Max began his Raleigh Borneo journey in 2014 as a volunteer. He has since returned twice to Borneo as Logistics Coordinator. Max is excited to return to Raleigh Borneo in his new position of Logistics Manager. “This is where it all began for me. When I first came here as a volunteer it changed my life and changed my perspective. I ended up going to university and studying a degree in International Development and Sustainability. So, this is a bit of closure. It is a full circle.”

Camille has been working in Raleigh International’s Head Office as Volunteer Coordinator supporting Volunteer Managers and volunteers going to Tanzania and Borneo. Camille was a volunteer in Tanzania in 2016 and is returning on a Raleigh Borneo project as Logistics Coordinator. “I am excited about having an overall view of expedition and learning how to divide equipment up between groups making sure everyone has got what they need.”

Portia is on her first Raleigh expedition. Outside of Raleigh, Portia is a Town Planner in Bristol. She is joining Raleigh as a Logistics Coordinator and is most excited about “learning new skills, meeting new people and learning about a new culture in a different country.”


Jen, Medic
Jen, Medic

On expedition, our team of medics look after the health and welfare of all of our volunteers and Volunteer Managers.

Jen is one of the superheroes making up the team of medics who will be arriving next week. Jen has returned to do her second back-to-back Raleigh Borneo expedition as a medic. She is most looking forward to continuing “to have a significant yet tangible influence on the communities we work within and the volunteers on the expedition.”

Communications Team

(Left to right) Dan, Rebecca and Hilary, Communications team
(Left to right) Dan, Rebecca and Hilary, Communications team

The Communications team consists of our photographers, Hilary and Dan, and our Communications Officer, Rebecca. The team have all previously worked on Raleigh International programmes in countries including Nepal, Tanzania and Borneo. The team will be taking photographs and collecting stories from the volunteers, community members and project partners to keep the outside world in the loop with all that is going on during expedition.

Hilary has completed two expeditions in Tanzania as a photographer and is joining the Raleigh Borneo expedition as the five-week expedition photographer. She has been working as a journalist in photography for the past six years in the USA. When asked why she chose to volunteer with Raleigh, Hilary said, “I really wanted to work with a non-profit and experience working with a client to expand my work. Borneo is very different than Africa so I am looking forward to really experiencing the Malaysian culture, the people and the story that unfolds here.”

Dan is continuing his Raleigh journey as the Raleigh Borneo 10-week expedition photographer. Dan will once again be out on project sites capturing all the hard work and progress in communities and environmental areas. He says, “this expedition I am looking forward to using my skills on the legacy projects.”

Rebecca is returning to her role as Communications Officer for Raleigh Borneo. She is looking forward to going back out into the projects to gather stories from volunteers, community members and project partners. “Last expedition I was most inspired by the stories told and blogs submitted by the volunteers. I cannot wait to work with the volunteers this expedition!”


Helen, Administration
Helen, Administration

Producing ID badges, form processing and ordering stationary for all of the projects and volunteers is the challenge being undertaken by our Administrator Helen. Helen has a plethora of experience volunteering within charities in the UK. She is passionate about giving back and sharing the skill set she has gained throughout her lifetime. Helen says, “I am looking forward to working in a place I have not been to before and learning about the communities and cultures.”

Projects for the summer expedition will be announced next week. Keep an eye on the blog!

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Words by Communications Officer Rebecca Raab.

Photography by photographers Daniel Buttifant and Hilary Sloane.

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