Spring 2018 Projects: An Overview

5th February 2018

Over the coming three months Raleigh Borneo and our team of young volunteers will be continuing to facilitate change in rural communities in Sabah through Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) projects, conserve and restore biodiversity through Natural Resource Management projects and build the confidence and skills of volunteers with our Adventure Leadership treks.

Raleigh exists to create lasting change through youth and, more specifically, Raleigh Borneo is enacting these changes in remote and rural communities throughout the state of Sabah. Solutions to create lasting change need to balance economic, environmental and social needs. This requires new ways of thinking and doing.

Our work and vision is aligned with and contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Global Goals for 2030. Young people as volunteers are essential to achieving these Goals.

With the help of our young volunteers over the next three months we hope to achieve long lasting change in our three programmatic areas.

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) Projects

59% of people in rural Sabah communities do not have access to a clean and reliable drinking water source. This is significantly higher than the national Malaysian average of 8.4%. Many rural communities in Sabah also lack access to basic sanitation including effective toilets and handwashing facilities. Raleigh aspires to put young people right at the heart of WASH projects to drive change in rural communities.

Raleigh volunteers will be undertaking WASH projects in two remote and rural communities; Kampung Tikalod and Kampung Teliduson (‘Kampung’ means village). The WASH projects will include building gravity-fed water systems, toilets, handwashing stations and rainwater catchment installations. Cazz, one of our Volunteer Managers overseeing a WASH project says she is excited to be able “to give something back to the community and to see the development of the project”.

The Volunteer Managers for the WASH projects for the first part of expedition are:

Kampung TIkalod – Jenny A, Aziz and Chris

Kampung Teliduson – Maddy, Francesca and Cazz

Natural Resource Management Projects

Sabah is one of the top 12 mega-biodiverse areas on the planet. Its forests support thousands of animal and plant species and are integral assets in the mitigation against climate change. The Malaysian economy has traditionally been fuelled by using its natural resources. This has been unsustainable and has led to ecosystem health in Borneo being compromised.

Raleigh Borneo aims to help with the conservation of Sabah’s biodiversity and encourage effective use of natural resources. We hope to inspire a generation of champions of sustainable management of the natural environment through young people being involved in these conservation projects. This spring, Raleigh Borneo is running two Natural Resource Management projects in Borneo; Danum Valley Conservation Area and The Tropical Rainforest Conservation Research Centre.

Both areas are uniquely biodiverse and are home to a number of iconic species including orangutans, clouded leopards and pygmy elephants. Both areas however are under threat from surrounding land conversions, poaching and pressure to open up land for development. Raleigh Borneo aims to engender an increased understanding surrounding the importance of protecting these areas as well as adding value to the land as a conservation area. Jenny C explains “if they make it a world heritage area it means the forest will never ever get cut down which will be a massive thing.”

The Volunteer Managers for the Natural Resource Management projects for the first part of expedition are:

Danum Valley – Jenny C and Mark

Adventure Leadership

Raleigh believes young people are the most important resource the world has. Youth are one of the largest groups however are rarely given the opportunity to positively affect issues. Raleigh Borneo’s Adventure Leadership trek aims to increase the knowledge, skills and social capital of young people to effectively engage as partners and leaders. This part of expedition demonstrates the key values and behaviours required to create meaningful, positive change as global citizens. Pete, one of the Volunteer Managers on Trek says, “I’m looking forward to drawing out what their superpowers may be.”

The Volunteer Managers for the Adventure Leadership projects for the first part of expedition are:

Group one – Pete and James

Group two – Jenny H and Henry

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Words by Communications Officer Rebecca Raab

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