Meet Raleigh Malaysia

23rd August 2018

Raleigh Malaysia, made up of the Raleigh Sabah Society and Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur, is an alumni network of passionate young people committed to building a sustainable future in Malaysia.

They will build on the work of Raleigh Borneo by continuing to engage young people as partners and leaders in the design and delivery of projects and Expeditions, aimed at bringing lasting change to the communities and natural environments of Malaysia. Through its programmes, Raleigh Malaysia will ensure that the voices, ideas and opinions of young people are at the heart of its work.

The two Societies have pledged to join forces and undertake a series of collaborative Expeditions across both East and West Malaysia. Their joint mission includes delivering volunteer projects with the same level of impact and standard of operational safety that Raleigh enjoys across the globe.

Learn more about the Societies that make up Raleigh Malaysia below. Both Societies are non-profit and non-governmental organisations.

Raleigh Sabah Society

Founded in 2013, the Raleigh Sabah Society (RSS) supports young people in Sabah to realise their potential and contribute their energies to the sustainable welfare of Sabah’s vibrant communities and biodiverse ecosystems.

A significant focus of RSS’s recent projects has been community-led marine ecosystem conservation. This campaign has included:

  • Turtle conservation projects in Kudat, Northern Sabah;
  • Awareness raising sessions about the damage plastic waste can cause to marine ecosystems in coastal communities around Kota Kinabalu;
  • A mangrove forest restoration project in Sungai Elot in partnership with a cooperative of six communities and World Wildlife Fund Hong Kong; and
  • Community beach cleans and surveys.

Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur

Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur (RIKL) was founded in 1999 by a group of young passionate Malaysians who were inspired by their time on Raleigh Expedition.

RIKL have gone from strength to strength and its mission continues to facilitate youth development through projects focusing on community engagement, environmental awareness and adventure. It runs several regular activities including:

  • Introduction Weekends: camps to prepare its members who are about to embark on a Raleigh Expedition. Participants learn more about international development and gain first hand experience of teamwork, adaptability, leadership and even survival skills.
  • Monthly Meets: a regular gathering of members and volunteers to participate in a mini-project, from awareness raising hikes, to river cleans and helping out at a local elephant sanctuary.

Building the Raleigh Borneo Legacy

Raleigh International has been working closely with the two Societies that make up Raleigh Malaysia to support them in continuing creating lasting change and contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals after Raleigh Borneo Expeditions close in October 2018.

This support has included a series of capacity building workshops focused on developing a shared vision, project design, external communications, resource and challenge mapping, and exploring how to effectively pursue further fundraising opportunities.

Volunteer Managers from each Society were sponsored to participate in the Raleigh Borneo Summer Expedition as interns, with the expectation that their experience of programmes, operational logistics and safety systems can be applied to future activities undertaken by their respective Societies.

As Raleigh Borneo closes its Expedition operations after more than three decades, there is great cause for optimism and excitement as the baton is passed to Raleigh Malaysia.

Find out more and keep up to date with the Societies on their social media pages; Raleigh Sabah Society and Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur.

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